What’s Your Daily Mantra?


Hi Everybody!

Have you all seen the YouTube clip where the little girl wakes up and is in front of the mirror saying--- “I can do anything, I do anything good …” She goes through this daily mantra as she pumps herself up.

I like this video because it reminds me everyday to look in the mirror and pump ourselves up to take on the world…only we can look in the mirror and know if we are ready. Usually, before a game, speech, a moment, a workout, or my day if I get the opportunity to look in the mirror… I say something along these lines:

“Alright Mon, time to bring it today—time to “Live2BringIt” you got this girl! (Insert fierce face) Yea, Woo! ”

This is what I want to share with you, my mantra and daily motivation. Most of you already know what it is… but I want to encourage ya’ll to use it too! 


To me it’s a lifestyle - a daily motivation, a mantra, something to remind myself to do on the regular…hence the word “Live”. The rest of it is really about Giving the best you have at that moment, Giving all you have at that moment to what you are doing whether it’s running, lifting, pitching, throwing, or a final exam. It’s a mindset that says: I want to give the best that I have at that moment:--- hence the word “BringIt”.

This is my daily mantra, my moment of motivation through out the day.

“Live2BringIt!” and… I hope you will share it with me in 2014!

Monica #14

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