The Significance of “Live2BringIt”


Hi Everybody!

This next blog is courtesy of @hdikamp7's question, “Why the phrase “Live2BringIt” is significant to me?”

If you follow me on Twitter (@monicaabbott), Instagram or any other social media you know that I am constantly hash tagging Live2BringIt. If it’s your first time to my blog, welcome, I hope you come back often! Live2BringIt is my personal mantra and slogan. I use it a lot during games, during training and even when I’m talking to myself on the mound. It helps pump me up, focus me and center me so I’m ready to … Bring IT! The best part of the slogan is that now I have the Bandits (National Pro Fastpitch) team saying it too.

Live2BringIt is a challenge. It is a challenge, accepted. To me, it reminds me to be the best that I can be in that moment. Whether that moment is a 3-2 count, or writing this blog, it’s about focusing on that point in time and working hard. So, it applies to those special times on the field, as well as in life. It helps so that when these moments do come up, you are ready. It encourages you to throw a rise ball as best as you can, to strike someone out with the bases loaded, to get that hit with a runner on, to get 10 out of 10 in practice and it gets you ready to ace that final in math.

Live2BringIt, to me, is a lifestyle and an attitude. Let’s BringIt in all we do so that we can be the best that we can BE!

Now that you know, you can share it with your teammates and friends. You can find your personal Live2BringIt style and way!


Monica Abbott
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