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Hi Everyone!

A lot has been going on for me in the last couple weeks! It’s been fun and exciting but here’s a quick update if you aren’t following me on Twitter ☹ (@monicaabbott) but you should be so get on it! :)

1. Advocare
Great News! I am happy to say I have joined the ranks of an amazing panel of Advocare athletes. Nutrition has changed my game and my body over the last three years, I’m not perfect and I’m still learning but they have some great products. Look up some of the informed choice products.

2. Adidas
It’s a sad day for me to say that I am no longer with Adidas after being with them since 2007. They have decided to change their corporate focus and move away from major softball promotions, which is sad and I hope that changes soon. Softball needs to make itself a force to be reckoned with once again! Part of this will happen when softball gets back into the Olympics and has more TV exposure for athletes after their college careers end. So, watch softball whenever you get the chance on TV! We need the ratings to promote the sport on all levels!

3. Spring Training
I was able to visit the Texas Rangers Camp. I even pitched to some of the hitters and a few coaches. It was a fun environment; there was a lot of great energy. The guys loved my change up! Best of luck to all of them this year and big thanks to the Ranger organization for having me out!


Monica-Abbott-Yu-Darvish3a. Yu Darvish
As you all know, I have played softball for Toyota (in Japan) for the past five years and coming up on my 6th season. I have even participated in TV shows such as "Nakai vs. Athletes" for the past couple years as well. While in Japan, I watch a ton of baseball on TV and now that he is playing in America, all Rangers are shown in Japan! Score! So I was pretty excited to meet him and say "Konnichiwa"! I hope he gets that no-hitter this year!

3b. JP Arencibia
Monica-Abbott-JP-ArencibiaTo my surprise, my good friend from Tennessee was at camp. He moved from Toronto last year to the Rangers. It’s always good to see another TN Vol! He’s been phenomenal in the Pros and I know he will continue to get better… he still needs to catch for me!

3c. Jaeger Bands
I was able to meet up with Alan Jaeger from @jaegerbands there, who helped set up the whole deal! Arm care is huge; I love my bands and use them every time I hit the bullpen or a game. See those hot pink ones! I helped make that happen so if you’re trying to get a stronger overhand throw, or pitch help yourself out with some JBands, all levels can use them!

WSN2474. Google Hangout
Huge shout-out for @WSN247 for a Google Hangout on the Japanese Softball League. We had a ton of questions come through twitter. So many people ask me about the league, so it was pretty cool to get Natasha Watley, Megan Wiggins and Jordyn Taylor (who all played in Japan) together to discuss the league and even come up with some things that may eventually come to America.

5. Bandit Jerseys, Long Sleeve pull over warm up tees!

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