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Home for the Holidays

It is now ~10 days from Christmas! Can you believe it! Time is flying by. About a month ago now, I returned from my season with Toyota, and it was a great one! We “Returned to the Top” (this years theme) in fitting fashion.
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Throwing Out Some One-Liners

Whenever we are watching sports (especially male sports) we always see a little bit of smack talk like football, basketball and hockey. It’s not as common in softball but there are definitely a ton of back handed compliments…
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How Do You Get Great Hitters Out?

As many of you know or saw, I recently posted on instagram a request, for ideas. So each of my next couple of blogs will be based on one of those requests. The first blog goes out to @sam_marder she posted “How to throw to Jewish hitters. Part one: throw it really hard and high. So they literally think there’s a chance the can die that at bat.”
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Checking in from Japan

Hi Everybody! I recently posted on instagram/twitter letting you know that I was having some major writer’s block. I was at my computer ready to pump out a blog (or several) and I couldn’t think of one thing to write, or how to start. What did the #Live2BringIt faithful want to hear?
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