It’s Time for the Postseason!

Monica Abbott Blog WCWS 2013

Hi Ya’ll!

Well it’s that time of the year! The bracket is set and it’s time for the Women’s College World Series! I’m stoked to see how all the teams will do this year, it’s been a tight race and the road to OKC is tough! Congratulations to every team that has made the tournament this year. Now’s your chance to start the best season…the Postseason.

In honor of Postseason play this year, I thought I would blog about some of the key points for any players and team’s to advance, so here it key’s to success:

1. Have Controlled Excitement!
- It’s the post season, I’m excited, your excited, we are all excited because it’s exciting!! TV, parents, more fans, bigger crowds, school’s rallying around you etc. Be excited! But don’t get lost in the hype, make sure your excitement stays under control.

2. Have a Short-term Memory
- Don’t dwell on the bad calls, don’t dwell on the good calls. “You don’t have time for that”.

3. Stay Present at all Times
- That means physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are a lot of distractions (the crowd, the coach, cheering, music etc.), the ultimate goal is to be so "locked in the present moment" that you don’t hear, see, smell, or speak any of it and the game is therefore at your pace.

4. Breathe
- Whatever you do don’t forget to breathe. This is a no brainer, but it is seriously overlooked. We often start to take really short quick breaths. Just Breathe normally or a good deep one works like a charm. So relax and don’t forget BREATHE before each pitch.

5. Never. And I mean, ever... Never give up.


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