New Speed Record for Women’s Fastpitch!

Monica Abbott Sets New Speed Record for Women's Fastpitch

It was just a normal NPF game Saturday night June 16, 2012 the day before Father's Day in North Carolina. The Chicago Bandits were playing the Carolina Diamonds at their home field in Kannapolis, North Carolina. It was the third game of a four game series. The series was tied at one game a piece. In this game the Bandits were ahead 6-3 when Monica got the call to take the mound in relief. It was the bottom of the sixth inning.

Monica had pitched the previous game on Friday giving the Bandits their first win in the series. In this game the Bandits had jumped out to an early lead and Bandits' pitcher Nicki Nemitz was keeping the Diamonds under control. Monica was not really expecting to go into the game but she is always prepped and ready. In the bottom of the sixth inning the Diamonds staged a potential comeback. The Diamonds scored a run and had two runners on the bases. So Monica got the call when the tying run came to the plate. Of course Monica shut the Diamonds down and saved the game. The Bandits won the game to take the series lead, two games to one. But that's not the rest of the news to paraphrase a well known radio personality.

It was the bottom of the sixth, two outs, two runners on the bases and the tying run batting the count was 0-1. Monica was facing Angeline Quiocho for the Diamonds. For whatever reason Monica chose to throw a low version of her signature rise-ball. And what a pitch it was, perfection. The crowd was in awe another strike then the speed on the big board flashed 77 mph. 77 mph a new personal record for Monica! A new record for Women's Fastpitch.

This new record clearly puts Monica in the books as the fastest USA and possibly the world's woman softball pitcher currently playing. While there is no one source like a women's softball almanac, web searches generally relate the old record as 75 miles per hour.

For those of you that need a comparison, in Baseball where pitching is sixty feet to match Monica's accomplishment the baseball pitcher would be throwing at 107.5 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the fastest baseball pitching record according to "Baseball Almanac" is held by Nolan Ryan at 100.9 miles per hour in a game on August 20, 1974. Although currently in the MLB there are reports of 100-104 miles per hour pitches; Monica's statement has been.......pitched.

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