How Do You Get Great Hitters Out?

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So, here I am starting my blogs. As many of you know or saw, I recently posted on instagram a request, for ideas. So each of my next couple of blogs will be based on one of those requests (then I’ll tag you in the post), and then of course a softball life update. Okay so here we go…

The first blog goes out to @sam_marder she posted “How to throw to Jewish hitters. Part one: throw it really hard and high. So they literally think there’s a chance the can die that at bat.”

Well folks, Sam is a friend of mine and currently plays for the Akron Racers. She is a great hitter- and has really shined in the NPF. (She was named the 2012 NPF Offensive Player of the Year). As many times as I have gotten her out… she has gotten hits off of me, it’s one of those battles you enjoy as a pitcher and as a hitter. Live2BringIt! She has a great sense of humor, so I know she’ll enjoy this!

Okay, so let’s tie this back in to the softball side. How do you get great hitters out?? Here are some of my favorite keys:

1. Keep them honest.
A lot of times hitters will pick a side, or a pitch that they think you will throw. So it’s important to have a good mix of pitches and locations. (If this mean’s throw it really hard and high, so be it!)

2. Spread the Zone.
This means keep you low balls LOW and your high balls HIGH! Pitches will get hit hard when they float out away from the intended location. So, pitchers stick you wrist snaps. (Vice-versa--- hitters be ready for that one!)

3. Be Confident and Aggressive on the pitch
This means every pitch. Don’t get distracted because you threw a great pitch on an 0-1 count that they swung and missed at. The at bat isn’t over! There is still a lot to be done, and as a pitcher and hitter knows way too well… one pitch in Softball is a big difference. That’s why it’s so important to “BringIT” every time.

So there are some basic thoughts on pitching to power hitters, like a Sam Marder. Shout out to College of Charleston this season where she is the assistant coach!

In other softball news, Toyota resumes Japan Softball League play this weekend after a short break. Fresh off the All Japan Cup tourney win, Toyota has been practicing hard in preparation for the last stretch of League play.

As always stay tuned on for the next blog, or catch up with me on twitter @monicaabbott.


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