2012 NPF Championship Series – Cheri Kempf Quotes

Monica Abbott - 2012 NPF Championship Series

Dear Friends, Fans, Followers and Family,

Over the course of the 20012 season you have FIRED me up and kept my Live2BringIT spirit going in all of the tough moments. When the Chicago Bandits were doing good you were there, and when we could not do anything right in the month of July you were still there. You fired me up throughout the season making my fire burn even stronger in preparation for the NPF Championship series.

As many of you may know, the Bandits were in a great position to win the entire tournament (Don’t get me wrong we had a battle ahead of us in Game 2 but we were ready!) With a 3-0 record in tournament play, winning game One of the championship series and outscoring our opponents, and even in a head to head decision. In every facet of a tie-breaker that may have been held for the tournament the Chicago Bandits were unmatched.

On Sunday night, they called the tournament off and declared no winner, to every Bandit player’s shock. WE WANTED TO PLAY!!

Later that evening I was made aware of an article written by Graham Hays (ESPNW), “NPF Season ends without a champion” with a quote from our NPF Commissioner that did not represent me or the athlete that I am:

“The Pride pretty much said they would change their arrangements. It was not an official statement, but it was more of a player statement," Kempf said. "The Bandits had six players that could not change plans, including [starting pitcher] Monica Abbott going to Japan."

Do I play softball in Japan because I can’t make enough money in America to live through the pro league? Yes. Will it ever interfere with my commitment that I have made with the Chicago Bandits and owner Bill Sokolis- No. I will never leave unfinished business.

This is the chance for the truth to come out. I, Monica Abbott was never contacted about changing my flight or plan and would have done so in a heartbeat. There was no communication done with myself or the other Bandits.

NPF Commissioner Cheri Kempf, has been quoted to set the record:

“I would like to provide some clarity on an earlier quote that was perceived by some as implying that Monica Abbott in some way was not willing to cooperate with league competition in changing her airline ticket to stay at the NPF Championship series through Monday. The truth is that Monica was never asked to change her ticket by me or by Bandits management, who I was addressing directly. Monica Abbott is one of the very best pitcher’s in the world and as long as I have known her has always prioritized the game of softball, her teammates and the fans. There is no doubt in my mind that the competitive spirit which has driven Monica to excellence in competition for her entire career was plenty of motivation for her to make whatever adjustments were in her power, to be able to attain her goal of winning the Championship series for the Chicago Bandits.”

They did not ask me, they did not quote me.

Fans, I want to Thank You for being with me through the 2012 Chicago Bandits season and continuing to push me to be the Best that I can be in all that I do.

Forever In Live2BringIt Spirit,
Monica Abbott
eph. 5.1

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