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Hi Everyone!

It is now ~10 days from Christmas! Can you believe it! Time is flying by. About a month ago now, I returned from my season with Toyota, and it was a great one! We “Returned to the Top” (this years theme) in fitting fashion.


Monica-Abbott-Japan-Softball-LeagueJapan Softball League

In 2013 we lost a heartbreaker in the Final in 12 innings on a hit & run play. It was controversial because the play at the plate was very close but on video it was very obvious that the runner left early, she left when I was still in my Back Swing. If she had left on time … would she have been out; who knows? But I think it was a strong possibility. This year the game repaid us.

This year in the final, we were up 2-1 with a runner on first. With a one ball no strikes count the other coach called a hit & run. Everyone was expecting a bunt; it was a great call but not good for me! I was expecting a bunt and was going for a pop up! She ends up hitting a home run! Everyone was in shock; we came together and were pumped because we knew we could still win the game. … Like I said, if you respect the game, play it right and always works hard the game will repay you.

Monica-Abbott-Japan-Softball-LeagueAfter a long pause and a moment of what is going on by everyone in the stadium it was clear. The 1st base umpire had called the runner leaving early before the ball was hit. It was a dead ball, the runner at first was out, and the home run didn’t count. Toyota was still in the game. The girl went on to hit a ground ball back to me, we tagged on an insurance run in the next inning and we won the game 3-1. Always, play the game right, always respect the game and it will repay you 10x over!

Monica-Abbott-Tournament4th Annual Monica Abbott Classic

After the Championship celebrations and party with Toyota, I returned to home and hit the ground running starting off with the 4th annual Monica Abbott Classic and canned food drive! Thank you again to all who donated cans we beat our previous record and were able to donate or 1,200 pounds of food. Also, a huge shout out to the teams that came out this year we had 64 teams, the biggest yet!

Back to Japan...

I retuned to Japan to film the TV show Nakai vs. Athletes. It comes out in January so I’ll be sure to post the final version then. Jolene Henderson and myself took on Samurai Japan Baseball players in a fun and friendly game.


NFCA Convention

After that it was on to the NFCA Convention, it’s actually one of my most favorite events of the year! It’s the week that the Softball world gets together off the field for a week to spread knowledge, talk shop and spread insight on the game. Plus I get to check in and hang out with my Sponsors and teammates.

Monica Abbott Jaeger Sports

[L] Jaeger Boys #FeedIt #ArmCare | [R] U. of Tennessee Family #VFL #GBO

A little Sightseeing in Vegas- 3 story Chandelier, and the mafia’s diamond studded Bentley! You know, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!


monica-abbott-alpha-projectAfter convention and having a time off for my body to recover, it was time to start getting back into the weight room. Building off-season strength and conditioning is huge in improving your overall movements on the field. Including areas such as reaction time, tork, and power. This year, I’m happy to say that I’ll be working out with the Alpha Project, and in the pro’s Baseball/Softball group. Right now, I’m the only softball athlete but that’s okay, I’m going to make these boys step their game up!

Thanks as always for the support and love through twitter, FB and Insta through out the year. You all are always constantly challenging me to be better, hold myself to a higher standard for my fans and to continue to break barriers and limits.

My next posts will be based on sport specific topics. If there is something that you would like to hear my thoughts on… as always comment below!

Upcoming Events/Clinics

Dec 19 – Special individual lessons at this event email for more info.

Jan 31-1 Don’t Miss this special event!
**Includes a fundraising dinner for the Monica Abbott Scholarship on Sat Night.

Looking to make end of the year donations? Monica Abbott Scholarship is always looking for help!

Happy Holidays!!


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