High School Softball Season


Hi Ya’ll,

So college softball has officially started--- now it’s your turn. It’s high school softball season.

When I was in high school I played basketball so I always came-out for softball 2-3 weeks late, depending on how well we did. Which, inadvertently  depended on how good my drop step and rebounding was that day! : )

One of the hardest things for a serious travel ball player, who was also playing on a high school team, is that they sometimes forget that it is high school softball, and not everyone plays travel, club, or practices as much as you do. Not everyone has a pitching coach, hitting coach, or goes to agility training class. I know- I forgot this a lot at North Salinas High School… what can I say? I wanted to win! I also wanted my teammates to win as much as me! So, I encourage ya’ll to have fun on the softball field especially during the high school season.

If you are a serious softball player and your team isn’t as serious, get out there and compete with yourself!
1. You know—if you watched a strike down the middle or not

2. Challenge yourself
a. Can you try to take that extra base?
**Added bonus if your teammates see you out there diving and sliding around with a smile they are going to want to do it too!
b. Vs. certain opponents try to do something that you aren’t used to doing, something that you wouldn’t normally do.
**For example- throwing a change up on a first pitch for a strike.
c. All of these things will help give you more confidence to try and do something like this during a showcase tournament and prepare you for the next level.

3. You control your Attitude.
- I can remember countless times coming home after losing in extra innings on an overthrow or some other type of error. It was so frustrating! But, I had to learn to let my frustration to be my motivation!

4. Let Softball Be your Escape.
a. School Work
b. Home Work
c. Friends & Family Drama
d. etc.--- Let Softball - Give you a chance to forget about it all for 2 hours of practice and games on the field.

5. Compete With yourself!
a. Whether your High School team is a state champion, or always in last place, you will ALWAYS be your Biggest Competitor!

Good Luck to all the high school kids starting their softball season. Have fun and be ready to “BringIt” out there when you get the chance!


Monica Abbott
eph 5.1

Link: Baseball and softball could inch closer to inclusion in 2020 Olympics
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