#CreateMoments to remember forever. As we all go through the course of a season, a lot of times games can start to blur together. The moments that I remember are a teammates great at bat, the bat girl getting so excited to take a picture…. or more importantly the parent taking the picture! I remember the smile on a kid’s face or being so excited that they want to give you a hug. I remember the dads and businessmen being amazed at how fast a pitch is and wondering if they can hit it too? These are the moments that impact our lives forever, these are the moments that build a team, an organization, a community and a league.

Create Moments… of Change.
Sometimes change can be a scary thing. Trust me– I know this well. Last year alone I transformed my entire pitching motion. It was daunting and people constantly asked me WHY? WHY would you do that? What For? Change can be scary at first. But one thing I know… is that as you change, as you step out of your comfort zone a whole new world can open up to you. Change can inspire and impact not only you but those near you, those closest to you.

To Whom Much is Given much is Expected- Luke 12:48
Ever since I was in High School, my mom constantly told me this. I truly believed in a bigger picture of my life. If you have ever been to an event that I speak or teach at you know that I constantly talk about a “Live2BringIt” mentality. A mentality of being so present in the moment that you give all you got. A pursuit of excellence on the field, in the classroom and in life. I hope and pray that my teammates and fans can see that light in the way I play. I try to get across the passion for the game, the love of the game. I realized that I had to hold myself to that same excellence, to open the door to the athletes down the road. So that they can dream and compete at a high level as a professional too.

I believe that God Gave me an incredible talent in pitching, and that he is ultimately guiding me to have an impact on this sport and female athletes. My faith has created a sense of peace- yes, I want to be the best pitcher I can be, but ultimately I am going out there to glorify god. I know that in this moment I have been given a platform to impact the travel ball, high school and college athletes, this is my moment of impact. To hopefully inspire all athletes, coaches, owners and partners in the league to think bigger, and commit to grow this game. I love seeing people be successful and I still feel like there is a lot of softball left in me.


-Monie #14

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