Checking in from Japan

Monica-Abbott-BlogHi Everybody!

I recently posted on instagram/twitter (@monicaabbott) letting you know that I was having some major writer’s block. I was at my computer ready to pump out a blog (or several) and I couldn’t think of one thing to write, or how to start. What did the #Live2BringIt faithful want to hear? I had a few ideas but nothing I could write, so I posted and I waited. Sure enough, ya’ll came through! I loved it. Lots of great ideas!!! And topics for future blogs and website posts (

So here’s the deal, since ya’ll came through for me, I will come through for you. Like the true team we are! Here’s the tentative plan-- be a blogging machine. I’ll revisit some tried and true topics and use a bunch of the new ones to make sure that ya’ll are getting the information that you desire about the game we love, and are staying updated (and can live vicariously through me! J) on where, what, when and how the softball world is using me.

So here’s to the next couple months of blogs and posts. Hope ya’ll are ready for this, cause I’m gonna BringIt!

Stay tuned.

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