2016 Scholarship

Monica Abbott Ringor

Hi Everyone,

Okay—so if you are like me right now you are patiently waiting spring. – Wait! Who am I kidding? Is it Spring YET? I can’t wait for Spring! I’m hoping spring fever doesn’t hit to hard. Spring brings softball season and that right there is a Win without even trying! For most of us spring brings softball but for a select few of the class of 2016 it may also bring a little known disease called Senioritis.

I remember it well. I got a pretty good dose of it myself. Constantly day dreaming, going out for breakfast and extra long lunches, freaking out about my future but mostly trying to soak up every little bit of free time with friends and softball, clueless to what lies head of me. Senioritis it’s something that all High School Seniors should get right before they graduate.

monica AbbottBefore Senioritis hits to hard, and Spring is in the air; I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Monica Abbott Scholarship. I created this scholarship three years ago, and I hope to eventually have it fully funded. It is definitely a passion project but one that hit’s hard for all of us in the chase of that college scholarship. The Monica Abbott Scholarship is specifically designed for female athletes that show leadership on the field, in the classroom and more importantly to their peers.

Right now the Scholarship may be a small one, but when you’re in college, every little bit helps! So, if you aren’t a senior yet, keep it in mind. If you know someone that displays these qualities, check it out! And if you just so happen… to have a spare bit of a something to help me grow this into a “Fully Funded Scholarship” please do not hesitate. It would mean the world too me! Until then, I will be slowly working that way with your help and together we can impact today’s High School Female Athletes and tomorrow’s Leaders. They have to know what it means to truly #Live2BringIt!

Past Winners:
Ashley Brady - Monterey High School
Ashley Sanchez - Soledad High School
Thalia Fernandez Herrera - Monterey High School
Alexandra Maria Lombardi - Gonzales High School
Riley Ashen - North Salinas High School
Cassandra Zazueta - Everett Alavarez High School

Official Criteria:
1. Female Student Athlete
2. Graduating Senior
3. Plans to attend a college in the fall
4. Demonstrate consistent work ethic in athletics academics and extracurricular activities

Monica #14
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